Weddings and Receptions

Weddings and Receptions

Wedding ChapelWe have a simply decorated wedding chapel upstairs. You can use the decorations we have (silk flower baskets, candelabras, and lighted arch) or decorate to suit your taste. There are also rooms for the Bride and Groom to prepare for the big event.

The chapel seats 200 guests with stairs up to the stage in front for the ceremony. There is a PA system so all can hear the nuptials. The grand piano is in the rear of the room.

Downstairs is perfect for the reception. The main room seats 110 at tables and chairs indoors plus room on the large wraparound porch in warmer weather. And, there is another grand piano and PA system. This area is also great for a smaller more intimate wedding.

The dining room has a huge table for a buffet plus a sideboard. The two stained glass French doors open onto the wraparound porch. The table can be moved aside to create the dance floor.

Our commercial kitchen is a caterer’s dream with lots of counter top and preparation space. You can also facilitate serving foods you have prepared in advance.

• Seats 200 guests
• Grand piano
• Stage
• PA system
• Silk flower baskets (3-4)
• Candelabras (2)
• Lighted arch with flowers and tulle
• Canopy down center with decorations
• Library for pre-nuptial conference

Reception Room
• Seating for 110 with tables and chairs
• Grand piano
• PA system
• Elegant entryway
• Wraparound porch
• Large dining room table for buffet
• Wooden dance floor (dining room)
• Side board

Commercial Kitchen
• Convection oven
• 2 ovens
• Microwave
• Industrial refrigerator
• 2 Freezers
• 3 Large coffee pots
• 3 Sinks
• Lots of counter space
• No initial meal preparation