Woman’s Century Club

Woman's Century Club Donald House

History of Woman’s Century Club

The Woman’s Club of North Yakima was organized in March 1894. In 1900, a second club was formed called the Twentieth Century Club. The two clubs merged to form the Woman’s Century Club. The Woman’s Century Club joined the Washington State Federation of Women’s Clubs on December 1, 1896.

The Club became so large that they divided into departments to better meet the various interests of the members. Members were involved with the many other organizations. Several were President of the Yakima Valley District Federation of Women’s Clubs . They were instrumental is getting the International Congress of Women at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1933.

Woman’s Century Club Today

There are approximately 125 members of the Club. We meet at the Donald House for a luncheon on the first Tuesday of each month, September to May. Each department meets on a specified day each month determined by their members. Today we have six departments. They are Antiques Etc., Arts and Travel, Garden, Bridge and Games, Literary and Healthy Selections.

New members are always welcome.